Spring 2016

CB 205 4:00 – 5:5


January26 Dr.Michelle S.Adames,Associate Director, Academic Success, Student Success Center, NMSU  “Time and Stress Management Workshop”


February2 Dr. Wiebke Boeing,Professor in Aquatic Ecology, Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology, NMSU
“Interviewing for Grad School” Workshop-Mandatory for Seniors
February9 Dr.DebbieCrans, Professor, Biological, Bioinorganic and Bioorganic Chemistries, Colorado State University
February16 Dr. Brad Shuster,Associate Professor, Cell & Developmental Biology, NMSU
February23 Dr. Anne Hubbell, Associate Dean Arts & Sciences, NMSU
March1 Dr.Rolf Brekken, Effie Marie Cain Scholar in AngiogenesisResearch,Associate Professor, Division of Surgical Oncology, UTSW

Link to submit URCASAbstract goes live

March8 Dr.GarreyCarruthers, NMSU President
March22 Mr.Abraham Anderson,  Sapphire Energy
March 24 URCAS Abstract due by 5 pm
March29 Mr. Brant Lemons,Associate Research Scientist, NMSU – CEMRC


April5 Dr. Ryan Ashley,Assistant Professor, Department of Animal and Range Sciences, NMSU
April12 Life Skills Panel
Sometime during week of April19 End of the Year PARTY!
April 26 URCAS Poster Printing
April 29 URCAS at Corbett Center