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The MARC scholars are off to do great things! Congratulations to the students headed off to graduate school across the country!

  • Jennifer Esquibel - University of Georgia
    Valeria Perez - Syracuse University
    Christina Perez - University of Minnesota 

Where Are They Now?

Explore the map to see where former MARC students are serving in biomedical and/or research roles! 

Please bear with us as the map is under construction. Check back soon to see more about our fantastic alumni!


Student Research Videos


Current MARC Scholars

Antibiotic Resistance

Isaac Melendrez

Flow Cytometry

Karla Ortega

Accessible Chromatin Regions Between Duplicated Gene Copies in the Tetraploid Leucaena trichandra

Katie Banga

Mosquito-borne Viruses

Marissa Padilla

Evaluating endotoxin release during an infection and the effect on reproduction in sheep and cattle

Michelle Gutierrez

Using Bisulfite Sequencing to Characterize the Fate of Duplicate Gene Copies

Mike Lopez


To Come

A Romero


To Come

E Pearson